Julie Parmenter

Julie Parmenter-Fuery portrait - founder of World Transformation Movement Athlone

Julie is a psychotherapist and counsellor with a focus on the mind/body connection. The director and owner of The Dancing Soul, a multi-disciplinary therapy centre in Athlone with over 25 practitioners, Julie incorporates processes such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and “The Journey” (mind-body-healing method) into the therapeutic process. Julie’s background is in physiotherapy, and she also spent many years as a school counsellor helping teenagers with low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviour, depression, abuse and trauma.

Julie, who hails from Australia, holds numerous qualifications including:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from the University of Sydney

  • Post Graduate Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy from the University of New England (Australia)

  • Diploma of Relationship Counselling from the University of Queensland (Australia)

  • Diploma of Somatic Psychotherapy from the Somatic Psychotherapy Institute of Australia

  • Accredited ‘Journey’ Practitioner

  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Professional Diploma of Adult Education and Mindfulness

  • Julie and husband Michael with Jeremy Griffith in Sydney

    Julie with her husband Michael Fuery and biologist Jeremy Griffith (centre) at the World Transformation Movement’s Sydney Centre on 11 October 2019.

  • Julie is thrilled to be working in collaboration with the founder of the WTM Dublin Centre, Linda MacCarthy, to spread awareness of Jeremy Griffith’s human-race-saving explanation of the human condition in Ireland and around the world. She believes Jeremy’s “breakthrough knowledge” “transforms how psychology and psychotherapy should be taught and used” and is “excited about the possibility of being a cog in the wheel of transformation”.

“Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition is an exciting breakthrough which will revolutionise the way we think of ourselves and each other.”— Julie

The Dancing Soul was established by Julie Parmenter and fellow psychotherapist Martina Breen who shared a “common dream” of providing Athlone and its surrounds with a multi-disciplinary therapy centre dedicated to the enhancement of health and well-being. Since opening in 2011 with 4 therapy rooms and a retail space for holistic products, The Dancing Soul has expanded into a beautiful and spacious centre in Monksland where over 25 practitioners now offer a wide range of psychological, complementary and natural therapies.

The Dancing Soul group space meeting room

Read about how Julie and her colleagues at The Dancing Soul are incorporating biologist Jeremy Griffith’s ground-breaking explanation of the human condition — the core reason behind, and solution to, our species’ psychologically troubled state — into their services to ensure their clients access the most advanced psychological therapy available, and thus real and lasting rehabilitation.